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Foods which will help your dog lose weight

over weight loss food for dogLearn how to help your overweight dog to lose weight with right type of dog food & diet

If you’ve noticed that your dog’s belly is hanging lower to the ground or that your dog lacks the energy it needs to lead a healthy lifestyle,

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Four Best and Worst Foods for Your Dog

best and worst types of dog foodWhat are the best and worst types of foods to feed your dog and why?

Choosing what food to feed your dog is challenging just like how it was when you were buying the dog. In the last few years, several kinds of dog foods have emerged making it even harder to choose the right food for your dog.

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What Is The Right Food For Feeding Senior Dogs And Why

Right Food For Feeding Senior DogsUnder normal conditions, any dog of seven years of age or more is considered a senior dog. As a dog grows old and older, her dietary needs begin to change as well. Indeed, during this age, most dog breeds becomes less active and shows slower metabolic rates,

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How to Identify The Best Dog Food For Puppies

Best Dog Food For PuppiesWhat is best dog food for puppies? Here are my basic feeding guidelines for puppy dogs!

There are many people around the world who love dogs and they keep them as their pets. It feels good to get home and get a warm welcome from the lovely friend who remains loyal at all times.

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Why Homemade Dog Food is Better Than Store Bought Food

why home made dog food is betterThere’s many reasons why homemade dog food is better than store bought food. Proper nutrition is the key to the health of your dog. It is therefore vital to select the right diet to feed your dog. You should, as such, understand that taking complete care of your dog entails taking time to prepare his or her meals,

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Dog Cookbook – learn how to make pet food at home

130 delicious dog food recipes homemade for tasty and healthy treats and meals for your canine friend. 

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