Dog years age calculator and converter

Want to know how old your dog is in human age or how old you are in dog years?
Use our free dog years converter to calculate exactly what is your dog age in human years and vice versa.

Converting dog age to human years

It’s widely used way to convert dog age to human age by multiplying it by seven. This is however very rough conversion. Studies show that dogs develop much faster in the first two years which means that a dog age is equal to 10.5 human years. Therefore we can not just multiply dog age by 7. After the first two years, each dog year equals 4 human years. Our dog age calculator / converter uses this much more precious method to calculate the ageĀ conversion.

This however still fails to account dog size and breed which are significant factors. you can refer to the chart below for even more precious age calculator

You can read more information about that from the Wikipedia article about converting dog age to human years.

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