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Is kennel cough vaccine for dogs good or bad?

cennel cough vaccine for dogIs a kennel cough vaccine for dogs good or bad? And what are the symptoms and possible side effects or allergic reactions?

Kennel cough is a highly contagious infection that is passed from one dog to another. This disease is caused by both virus and bacteria.

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What are treatments for canine hip dysplasia?

treatments for canine hip dysplasiaWhat exactly are the Treatment Choices for Canine Hip Dysplasia?

Management of Canine Hip Dysplasia ranges from lifestyle modification to physical measures, medication and surgery as well as other alternative medicines that can help contain the situation. Over the past few years, there has been great improvement in the treatment of HD and other degenerative joint diseases.

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What is canine hip dysplasia

canine-hip-dysplasiaOverview of HD

Canine hip dysplasia, simply known as HD is increasingly becoming one of the most common and most serious skeletal diseases affecting canines today. The condition usually results from the hip joint, the coxofemoral joint to be more specific, becoming deformed during the period of the animal’s growth.

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