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ID-100111947Hello! I’m Maria, currently I’ve four dogs. I’ve had dogs always. Usually at least two at the same time.

I think that I know quite well how to train a dog – no matter what kind of dog she/he is, I think that I know quite well also all kind of dog feeding issues including food allergies and raw dog food etc. diets. Of course canine health issues are also part of my every day life. I have trained and lived with eight dogs. Always from puppy to the very end.

We’ve gone through all kind of things from fun to sad. All kind of problems and health issues. There have been smaller health issues and bigger surgeries including sterilizations and leg surgeries. Yes, I’m not speaking about one but many. I know quite well many veterinarians and they have joked that I  know dog health issues better than docs! I don’t think so, but obviously I’ve quite much of general knowledge what I wish to share with you.

Why I’m blogging about dogs

I started this blog because of my friends who have dogs wanted me to share my knowledge about dog training & health not only with them but with the whole world 🙂 My friends called to me again and again asking help with all kind of dog related things until one of my friend asked why I don’t share my knowledge through a blog. I wasn’t sure. There’s lot lot of dog related websites out there, but my friends finally managed to get me started to blogging about dog training, feeding and health related issues. This is not a business for me, this is just for fun. Hopefully you’ll find something useful from this dog blog!

What you’ll find from this dog blog

I have here three categories: Dog Training from where you’ll find my articles about how to train your dog / puppy. Yes, the training should start immediately when puppy comes home and it should continue and continue. Training new things for your dog keeps your best friend well motivated and is fun also for you!

Dog Food category includes my thoughts about how you should feed your puppy and adult / senior dog. As dog comes older, also diet needs change respectively. Just for curiosity I’ve added “dog years age calculator“. You can convert dog age to human age and human age to dog years using it 🙂 There’s science behind conversion!

Canine Diseases category obviously means all kind of health issues. I hope there’ll not be many with your dog, but from there you could find hopefully some helpful articles. Of course you need to call or go to see veterinarian if your dog seems to be seriously ill. Sometimes it’s hard to know when it’s time to go to see your favorite vet, but use your commons sense. If your dog behavior is not normal, if your best friend doesn’t drink water and eat as usually or if she / he is not willing walk etc.

There’s also Dog Talk Forum, which is actually not for dogs but for you! You’re welcome to discuss there about all dog related topics! Just register a free account, it is just a one click! You can do it here and you’ll be instantly logged in and your password comes by email. Because of forum spam, I need to approve your first post and see  that you’re human! After that you can post as much as you wish without any delay. I like also comments, so be sure to drop some comments below each blog post. And don’t forget to like my Facebook page and follow me on Pinterest etc. You can find links to my social media accounts from the very bottom of the each page. There’s also Dog Videos “wall” which shows fresh video feeds about dog training and dog care tips etc. Take a look and watch!



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