Dogs really hate bath time – Funny dog bathing compilation PART 2…

Awesome Halloween costumes for babies, children and adults:
For babies:
Puppy costume:
Tiger costume:…

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Puppy Training Video – Basic Commands (Episode 7)…

Great tips to teach your puppy basic commands.

Eukanuba believes the best care begins with the best resources. To read more puppy training information, visit

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The easiest, fastest and most reliable SIT STAY- clicker dog training…

The easiest, fastest and most reliable SIT STAY!

This video teaches you how to teach ANY DOG of any breed or any age how to sit and stay sitting until you release him. I have had many requests for this video as I previously made a stay video that was geared for competition obedience.

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Funny Dogs Compilation – Funny videos 2014…

Funny Dogs Scared of Farts Compilation
Funny Dogs Compilation – Funny videos 2014 – Best dog Vines
Awesome Funny Animals,humour animals – Puppies

My channel:

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Gundog training a GSP puppy at 10 month…

My training book has recently been published on Amazon under the title “Companion of Choice” it goes over selection to training to field trial standard here in the UK. All my dogs in my videos were trained using the methods and solutions described in the book.

What is shown is a typical session training my GSP puppy and introducing to getting over a water course in this case a small river.

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Dog Training Tutorial: Building Eye Contact & Attention!…

Teaching a dog to make eye contact is extremely useful with a variety of applications. It is a good habit to encourage especially in puppies who often have the tendency to be rambunctious, particularly in the presence of delicious food/treats. Use this exercise to help build their focus &

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Funny Dogs – Funny Dog Videos Compilation 2015 – Funny Animals Videos…

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Ranger Bullmastiff Puppy Training — Video Production…
Reba teaches you to development train your new Ranger bullmastiff puppy for the show ring.

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Dog Training – Train Your Dog to Stand on Command…

(See More @ ) Dr. Ian Dunbar shows how to teach your dog to stand on command. To truly teach your dog position changes, you’ll need to work on at least three positions (sit, down & stand)

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